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I hate to use this format as a gripe list but I want others to have fair warning.

I recently planned a trip to the east coast to look for a livaboard sailboat amoung other things. I contacted Jill Griffin @ Wagner - Stevens Yachts in Annapolis to set up an inspection of a few boats. I told her I wanted to look at Tayana 37''s among others. She said she would see what she could find. She came up with a Fisher 37, and a Corbin 39 as I had expressed intrest in a PH Tayana 37 they had listed. I also asked to see a conventional TY 37 as well. She told me she couldn''t come up with any reg TY 37''s so I was going to view the fisher and Corbin. I told her a little over two weeks out about when I was coming. After not hearing from her about plans I called again the Mon. before I was to leave and veiw boats on Sun. She finally responded on Thur. with the news that it would be inconvient for her to show me boats on Sun. as she was throwing a X-mas party. I asked her to arrange for someone else. Sat. she informed me that no one else cold show me boats but she could have instructions on where to see the boats and keys to the boatsat her office. On arrival the gentleman in the ofice told me the instructions were taped near the front door. Following the poor instructions to see the Corbin at the marina I couldn''t tell if the boat was in the water on on the hard. After calling her office and having instructions relayed to me through the office. (She didn''t even have th courtesy to call me directly on my cell phone.) I found the Corbin. Next I was off on an approx. 12 mi. drive to find the Fisher. Upon arrival at the yard I could see the Fisher resting on it''s cradle behind a locked gate with a large sign reading No Trespassing closed Sat. and Sundays. The fence was broken a one point so I could have sneaked in but alas no ladder to get on deck. I was Pissed to say the least at this point. I called the office. Again a relay of calls with no solution. I was pretty uncomfortable wandering around a closed yard with with what represented huge sums of peoples money anacompanied. I had little encouragement from Jills'' written instructions she wrote to not use her name if anyone was to ask any questions about why I was on these boats without a broker.

I felt I gave ample warning to set these viewings up. Had I been informed of any difficulty far enough in advance I would have found someone else to work with. I simply want to pass my experience along in order to spare some one else misfortune and expense.
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