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My first post!

I've owned my fiberglass Amerian Sail 8' "sailing dink" since about 1990. After years of sitting it's time to clean it up and take it to the lake. My sail rig is still in great shape as it's been indoors. However the hull is going to need some clean up and TLC as it's been outdoors forever.

Ok small boat sailing aside I've always wanted a small gas outboard for it and it's rated for a 2hp. However the boat has a quite tall transom at right at 20" though it's mainly right in the middle that is the tallest right at a rear drainplug. If I get a "long shaft" engine it would still have to be either tilted out slightly to clear the very middle, or put a bit off center to clear. It seem water flow would not be optimum, but perhaps the transom sits slanted in the water making things workable with the motor straight but the center line of the prop just about at the bottom tip but not below it.

Anyone have mounting issues such as these or any quirks of putting the motor off center a little?

Another question. Long shaft motors are not common in the small HP sizes. The Honda 2hp comes short or long, however I'm not convinced that I can deal with the noise of an aircooled motor. Anybody remember any older 2, 2.5, or 3hp motors that came in long shaft versions?

Thanks! GK
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