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Wrecked my Back pulling Dinghy onto the Beach. Solution??

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The beach was a bit steep and the wave action necessitated a highspeed dinghy drag above the surf line.
I popped my back and am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Is there a solution? Back home you can buy retractable wheels but not here in the Caribbean it seems.

So I wouldnt mind a temporay idea and something I can order and freight on the next slow ship 🙄

The ones below look expensive
Water Sky Cloud Vehicle Wheel

Your thoughts appreciated because I am getting too old for this crap... 😨

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We have the Beachmaster wheels from NZ. I ordered them years ago and they were at my house in East Tennessee within a week. Mine are removable and we only mount them when we think we will need them. They are easy both on and off and up and down. Like any wheels they work best on a hard, smooth, gently sloping beach with a light dinghy. We are happy.

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To add a detail to the above post, it is 50' of 1/4" bungie cord placed inside 100' of polypropylene hollow braid:

The hollow braid protects the bungie. We use yellow color because it is easy for others to see that there is a stern line out. The 2:1 length is necessary to accommodate the bungie stretch.

The trick is in judging the distance correctly. The other day I dropped it a bit too far out coming into a dock and just as Michele was about to step off the dinghy we started slingshotting backward...

I started off doing this with a bungee cord inside a piece of tubular nylon webbing. Like you I got a 2:1 extended to contracted ratio. That year in the Bahamas I talked to another boater who had used surgical rubber tubing inside a piece of polypropylene hollow core water ski rope. He had a better ratio than I did, so I set out to copy his setup. Before I got around to it, I ran across an Airhead Anchor Bungee and bought it. It has rubber bands inside its ski rope and gets a ratio of 3.5:1. I bought it and replaced the plated steel hardware with stainless. Others have what appears to be the same but cheaper.

And yes, judging the distance from where the anchor bites to the beach is a challenge. I added a bit of rope to the dinghy end of it to compensate for my shortfalls.... or should that be long falls.
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