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Wrecked my Back pulling Dinghy onto the Beach. Solution??

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The beach was a bit steep and the wave action necessitated a highspeed dinghy drag above the surf line.
I popped my back and am feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Is there a solution? Back home you can buy retractable wheels but not here in the Caribbean it seems.

So I wouldnt mind a temporay idea and something I can order and freight on the next slow ship 🙄

The ones below look expensive
Water Sky Cloud Vehicle Wheel

Your thoughts appreciated because I am getting too old for this crap... 😨

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I saw these on Amazon : Newport Inflatable Boat Removable Transom Launch Wheels - Fits Any Transom Boat! : Sports & Outdoors

Looks like they would work well on almost any surface, and they are not expensive. And it's Amazon, so they ought to deliver just about anywhere...
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