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I installed mine about 4 years ago with ease. Noisy like others have described.
But here is a bit of a lengthy story about my experience with it and customer service. Hang on!

It worked great the first year. However just before warranty was set to expire, it started acting very poorly, would not hold course well and any heading change, even small ones, was a challenge as the boat was hunting back and forth and the motor was working like crazy. None of my settings were changed from the time it worked like a champ...

I re-calibrated it, played with Gain, Rudder Damp, etc. no good.
I called Raymarine and the guy said it had to be the course computer. I suspected the motor but he said no.
So I sent the course computer to them (at my cost) and they returned it a couple of weeks later, saying there was nothing wrong with it but it needed sofware updates and that was probably the problem. Hum. I am not the brightest star in the sky but why would it work perfectly and all of the sudden it starts working poorly just because they come out with a software update? :confused::confused:
I put everything back together, re-calibrated it and played with it for a bit but was running out of time, it seemed to work but I still didn't feel like it was as crisp as before when asking for heading changes. I figured I would have to play with the settings at a different time.
A few months went by without really using the boat and the next time I went for a three day trip, the motor simply stopped working about an hour out.
I opened up the motor housing and saw that one of the motor wires had come off and both wires were completely twisted around each other, to the point that it pulled one of them off.
What had happened was the motor casing is held in place by a tiny little plastic tab in the housing and that tab had worn off so the motor did not have anything to hold onto, so whenever it would run, the front gear would hold it in place while the case and the whole motor would spin until the wire were twisted enough to offer resistance and then it had something to grab onto and now it would turn the gears on the wheel belt.
Of course when going the other way to re-center the rudder after the proper turn was achieved it would do the thing in reverse and the wheel would not move until the wires were un-twisted then twisted all the way in the other direction and the motor could grab again.
That explained of course the very sluggish turns and course tracking.
And all this came to an end when the wires were twisted enough to pull one of the lead.

Sooooo, I contacted Raymarine and explained the problem and the history with this, they said it was out of warranty but they would be happy to sell me a new motor + housing. I explained that this was due to a poor design of the housing but the guy said he had not heard of any issues with it.
Having no choice, I bought all that.
Guess what? The new housing that came had been a re-engineered and now featured two much stronger tabs to keep the motor in place. Now the unit works fine, just like it did when it was first installed.
So I called BS on that and contacted Raymarine again, even sent then pictures of my failed motor. Nobody ever responded and when I called they blew me off.
All this should have been covered under the warranty because that was the problem all along when it was first discovered and the unit was still under warranty and the tech guy had said it couldn't be the motor but it had to be the course computer, but the guy now said it was out of warranty and basically I was out of luck :mad:
Sorry for the lengthy description but I am still ticked off about it.
I think Raymarine's customer service sucks.
And of course, I am a cheap little customer compared to their big customers buy the $8000 chartplotters and such :rolleyes:
Anyway, that's my story about the X5.
Works fine now, still noisy.
Customer service is awful :mad:
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