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Xantrex / Prosine Experiences?

I had a Prosine 2.0 charger/invertor die on me after 4 years. I sent the unit back to Xantrex for repair and their offered me a refurbished unit at $1100 and new unit at list price ($1350). They claimed the main output FET's were blown and it is not repairable.

Anybody had any experience with this or other Xantrex products or their customer service? Any recommendations for a charger/inverter unit from any other suppliers? I'm reluctant to put this same, pricey unit back in - given it's poor reliability. My primary requirement is for ~ 1500W inverter capacity and >40A charger configurable for gel cell batteries.


Posted: Fri 9/4/09 5:15 am Post subject: Xantrex Experience

Hi Doug,
The 'story' is long and ugly. Suffice to say that, as I understand it, (it was hard to extract exact info - dielect problem) Xantrex is a now a 'middleman'. Their bought out names like 'True Charger', 'Hearth', 'Cruising Equipment', etc., all well know and respected in the cruising world. It appears most (if not all) their 'products' are made in mainland China and shipped to wherever.
I had purchased a Link-20 and a True Charger 20 bases on the "prior" reputation of the equipment. I got burned. The Link-20 still works, but the True Charger 20 bit the dust.
From Xantrex - no schematic, no block diagram, no repair.

Copy of my next to last e-mail to Xantrex;
Your service after sale is non-existent. I have a 3 year TC20+ with a manufactures defect - your answer was to give me 40% off a new one - UNSAT.
I have called 'customer service' (your term) three times over this non-functional equipment. Your answer; no schematic, no service, no problem (but the 40 % off.)
Contrary to the 'Do not open no user serviceable parts' inside (or words to that effect), your 'customer service' rep informed me of the existence of an 8 Amp AC fuse (inside), and that I could check this fuse. Well, I found the AC fuse (AND 3 DC output fuses - not previously mentioned) and it was good.
More significantly, I also found a pinched ribbon wire (with green tracer) between the yellow cover and the aluminum heat sink on the right side. This wire; was bare (grounding some signal path) and done during manufacture. I informed your 'customer service' rep. of this pinched wire. He again informed me of your 'generous' offer of 40 % off a new one. This is also UNSAT. The correct answer should have been 'we did it, let us get you a new one' (or repair the current one, I don't care which - just want a functional battery charger.)
After this instance and my fiasco over the Link 20 (I did not write you at that time - I solved it) I can NOT, recommend to my associates any Xantrex products.
Please inform me of any known to you electrical/electronics repair shops working on the $%^&* True Charger 20+.
Leo MacDonald"

Well they did nothing. I have since chatted with engineers at Charles Marine, finding out;
-They have double the warrenty time,
-They will repair it for 20+ years,
-Made in the US,
-Made of Stainless Steel
-If you call with a problem you get a rep that speaks English (in my dialect!)

My last e-mail to Xantrex;
"SUBJECT: RE: Case # 00107277 [ ref:00D3Wjr.50085KL3P:ref ]"
"Xantrex Customer Service,
After your lack of appropriate response to a manufacturing defect, I researched all chargers available.
I have purchased a Charles Marine 3-stage electronic Battery Charger of similar capabilities to replace the malfunctioning 'True Charger 20+.'
Charles Marine has;
- a.) double the warranty period,
- b.) manufactured in the USA, North America (vice mainland China),
- c.) will work / repair their products for 20 odd years, and
- d.) will send me a schematic if I need it.
I did well on the price (lets say better than you 40% offer), but that did not matter. The overriding concern is a functional charger!!
Please send this to all your friends - I plan to.

E.L. is now using a Charles Marine AC Shore Power Battery Charger.
Fair Winds,
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