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XM satelite weather on SMALL chartplotters????

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Anyone using XM sat. weather on 'small' chartplotters (4x5" screens)?
If so is the 'resolution' of the XM 'overlay of data' readable (good visual resolution?)

I use a Garmin 454 and am wondering if the XM service will be 'useful' on such a small screen.

Any advice or experience (with SMALL screen chartplotters) would be greatly appreciated.
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Is the 'resolution' of the XM downlinking 'good enough' to interpret the symbols clearly on a 396??

Do you find the XM (GRIB?) data 'real time' or delayed (if delayed, any idea how much delay?)? This is for open ocean usage and would (if with good visual resolution, etc.) be better than downloading WeFAX, waiting for SSB/Ham etc. forecasts (?) especially when VHF (NOAA, etc.) , etc. transmissions are impossible due to the distances.

GRIB - I guess I really dont know how to download GRIBs .... any sources you can recommend (of course I have a "Mac" so I'd need something compatible for that OS platform. - thanks.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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