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We left Oz with the Indonesia rally so had a lot of opportunity to talk to experienced cruisers about their experience with marine trades and stores in the country. The feelings were basically unanimous and not in a positive direction. Everything was so expensive and the customer service terrible. As soon as someone said, 'No problems mate' you knew you were in trouble.

One guy needed a new pressure pump for an Amel. He was quoted a ridiculous price with a seven week waiting period. He ordered it directly from France, had it in a week at less then half the price. We stayed for several months at the marina in Scarborough near Brisbane. No complaints about the facility and very much enjoyed our time there but the cost (including live aboard fees) was basically the same as what we paid at Liberty Landing Marina which is in a state park just across the Hudson from lower Manhattan - needless to say in a very pricey, downtown part of NYC compared to an outer suburb of Brisbane.

My sense is that it is an isolated market with insufficient competition. When you come from outside and are used to what exists elsewhere you realize how costly it is.
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