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Hi all
We have a sailing industry here in AUS that cannot help itself when it prices parts and service

I recently purchase a new to me keelboat and i was a bit worried about the amount of water coming out of the exhaust

Went into the local dealer "do you have one of these impeller Yanmar 2gm 20 f"
Yes was the answer only $82AUD....... well i had to get one so i purchased it, fitted it and all was well.

Then i had a look on the net and a place in England was selling genuine service kit with all the parts plus extra impellers for $121.00 AUD inc postage to AUS.
I ordered and it arrived in 8 days. All the parts were genuine Yanmar and packaged well.............NICE

I needed a TV antenna and in the marine shops they were selling for average $239AUD with specials about $179AUD

Went to the local electronics shop and there they were exactly the same thing inc all the part numbers for $79AUD normal price with a special they day i went in for 20% off

A note to any Aussie marine dealers who read these columns

C'mon guys stop standing there complaining that everybody is buying from the web

I dont buy from the web as i a older and like to give my hard earned pension to local businesses as thats how the world goes round but i ay start to join the rest of the world and start sending my money off shore when i need something that i know will be about one third the price

Just to finish i set about pricing the oil / fuel filters here in aus along with the pump gasket and impellers and the grand total would have been $$367.85 inc tax

WHY ?????
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