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Yamaha 15hp vs Honda 15hp outboard?

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Greetings from s/v Paragon in Kinsale, Ireland!

We are about to sail back to Greenland for the Summer and are now ready to purchase a new 4 stroke 15 hp outboard for our RIB.

For us dependability is critical as we are planning to take the dinghy to some of the most remote places in Greenland and Faroe where an engine failure would likely create an extremely dangerous situation.

We are debating between the 4 types that are available to us:

- Honda
- Yamaha
- Tohatsu
- Suzuki

Does anyone have any recommendations or links to any good reviews/comparisons?

Much appreciated!

Drake & Monqiue
s/v Paragon
Kinsale, Ireland
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Well since you are going to buy outside the US, perhaps a 2 cycle would be best. Though I don't know if they are available in Europe though. They are much lighter, simpler and tend to be more reliable. Heck I would take a good used 2 cycle over a new 4 any day even if they were the same price. The 4 cycles do get a little bit better fuel mileage and tend to be a bit smoother, but for raw reliability I don't think you can beat a 2 cycle. They are available in the Caribbean, but not sure about what is available in Ireland or Greenland.

I think any of the above should be reliable if taken care of. Keeping the fuel clean is most important, and if you can get alcohol free you will be way ahead of the game.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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