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I'm currently boat shopping and am considering a couple of these - anybody have any experience with them? Both of them are later Mark II models and have the engine forward which I kind of like because of the access to the engine and stuffing box.

As is my wont, I checked their PHRF ratings and found everything from 165 to 195. Both of those seem extreme, I was expecting around 170. Any info on that end would be appreciated as well.

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Our first boat was a 1981 Y30 we had for 5 years, until a year ago. I know the owners of several here. We really liked the boat but wanted more space and more protection from the weather in the cockpit so upgraded.

The boat sails well, always felt very solid. Some say tippy for a 30ft but I don't have a comparison. Very little prop walk since the prop is far forward of the stern. The long prop shaft has to be well supported, which it is if the original stuffing box is still present. Some have had to add another bearing block after putting in a dripless stuffing box as apparently they don't support the shaft so well. Repacking the stuffing box is trivial as you have lots of room and lots of light.

The deck is nice to move around on, lots of room to go forward and places to hold. Always seemed to come home with a new bump or bruise on a shin after a weekend though. Often from a winch when coming or going from the cockpit I think. Rarely noticed it when it happened though. (??)

Hard to put a dinghy on the foredeck with the baby stay in place. Many remove it.

The boat has lots of room inside and lots of storage. Good size cockpit locker too. Ours had no holding tank when we bought it and I was not happy with any of the solutions I had seen. Ended up putting in a Vacuflush with the tank in the cockpit locker. Really happy with that (except for the cost!).

With the engine in the V-berth there is lots of room above the engine but you spend your time draped over it to change the impeller etc. as it is at the front. One advantage is the V-berth is warm in the winter after motoring!

Never been a racer so can't comment on the PHRF.

Let me know if there is anything else I can tell you.
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