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a. Draining the carb every time is urban legend. That instruction is for long-term storage and is not relevant to this motor. In fact, the PO did that and had all manner of trouble with the carbs. Since running the engine dry merely ensures that the carb will dry (unless you open the drain it is not truly dry when it stops) and form varnish, better to leave it full for a few weeks.

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I have to confirm this point. On the advice of my mechanic not to run carb dry....
I use a Mercury 6hp four stroke. I use Valvtec ethanol fuel treatment. Have not run my engine dry all season and it always starts, 2nd or 3rd pull. I use premium grade gasoline. I think the key is a good cleaning at the start of the season, quality gasoline and use of gas treatment. I haven't had a problem starting my outboard in three years using this stuff. And sometimes my motor will sit for two weeks between uses. Ps...put my boat in mid May and still no problems.
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