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Yanmar super vibration

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MY YANMAR 3YM30 IS SHAKING ITSELF TO BITS. It is 9 years old and 3000 hours and has run perfectly until 30 hours ago. The engine runs perfectly in neutral to full RPM. It also runs smoothly in reverse at all speeds. In forward gear, it runs ok until I shift into neutral and try to shift back into forward.

Then the engine starts to shake at 1000rpm and shakes horribly and starts a clacking / grinding noise at anything over 1200 rpm. It is truly frightening

On the advice of the Singapore dealer, I replaced the engine mounts and vibration damper. No improvement at all.

Finding an available mechanic here is very difficult, so any suggestions what to look into would be most appreciated.
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Those super soft , nothing but rubber connecting the engine to the boat, Yanmar mounts are dangerous. A boat was sunk off Queensland last year, when the engine came loose and punched a hole in the hull. Perko makes harder mounts with metal holding things together, if the rubber gives out.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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