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Yanmar YSM8 longevity and value?

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In over 50 years of sailing I am now in a position to move up to a inboard powered boat to enjoy in retirement.

I have identified a 1980 boat that is in excellent condition and is powered by the original ysm8. I believe the boat to have been a freshwater boat for about 30 yrs and a saltwater boat the last 5. The boat had an extensive refit in 2012 with some replacements being done to the engine, as follows:
New Alternator
New water pump impeller
New Thermostat
New Zinc
New Motor mounts
New engine shutoff lever
New Fuel Filter
New fuel lines
New Water Strainer
New Belt
New hoses
New temp sender
New Alarm horn
New Cutlass bearing
New coupler
New Prop shaft
New Bronze Prop LH 12X8

All that having been done, my concern remains that things never last forever, and there is really no way to determine internal corrosion without a teardown.

Assuming it were to pass a mechanical inspection by a Yanmar certified tech, what is the realistic longevity of a ysm8? What is the $ value of this engine if I were to decide to just pull it and replace? I don't want to spend my ownership waiting for the shoe to drop. Finally, if I were to replace, give me a ball park on $$ for a replacement.

Thanks a lot, I'm sailing alone in a fog on this one.
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i have a 1980 ysb 8 in a Mirage 27. The engine (knock on wood) is original and has been maintained to manufacturer standards. I change the oil twice a season, watch for cooling water and inspect the exhaust for proper water return, so far so good. quite noisy, knocks a lot but mechanic here cant find anything wrong except "its a single lunger, so expect it". starts every time, uses about .8 ltr per hour at 80% throttle when motoring. pushes almost hull speed when full out. Cross my fingers it will be gr. children worrying about replacing it, not me.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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