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Re: yanmar YSM8

I just looked up what a vdrive is.. This boat doesnt have a vdrive, its a forward mounted engine. What you are lookiing at is an engine mounted under the v-birth.

From the interior picture, this looks like a Yamaha 25 or 26. Very high quality boats and fast, too.
The nominal hp rating for the Yanmar single horizontal cylinder engines was 8 hp for the smaller one and 12 hp for the larger one.
With the engine forward in their 25, 30, and 33, the shaft was horizontal and the prop turns in deep water just behind the fin keel. This scheme really puts the highest % of usable hp to the water. Compared to a rear engine with a shaft a steeper down angle, it's like getting another couple HP out of the engine.

Good luck on your purchase. If Swan had ever built a boat of that size, it would be that kind of engineering and build quality.
And, having said all that, I'd have a mechanic survey that little engine. It's a simple engine and the fee should not be too much.

Fair winds,
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