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yes another help me find the perfect boat....

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so I have read several books and countless blogs and articles on the internet searching for the elusive "perfect boat". what I have gathered is, buying a boat is about finding not THE but MY "perfect boat". Ill be looking to buy in June I think (im planning my mid life crisis in my early 30’s because im impatient)
let me answer a few questions I see yall commonly ask when one of these posts go up.
• my intentions to circumnavigate in 2016-2017
• my budget for the boat/gear/journey/supplies/fuel etc. every penny I have to spend on this adventure is 160K
• I need a boat that the two of us can sail so im thinking in the 38-48 foot range. I understand that most boats this size if set up and handled correctly are safe so for lack of a better word I want a boat that is comfortable in seas. one we can cross 2 oceans in and we will still be a couple afterwards.
• age is not nearly as concerning to me as condition. although id prefer not to look at anything much before 1980.
• Speed is fun but im not looking to race, im looking to cruise so in the speed department ill take what I can get but its low on my list of wants.
• I have been told at least one bathroom with a dedicated shower(separate room from the head/sink)
• I am open to a fixer upper as well as a turnkey however my time to work on it will be a total of around 35 full days so even a fixer upper for a good deal I will probably have to contract out most of the work.
• I don’t like a pilothouse. Prefer aft cockpit.
• I prefer a deck material I can run around barefoot without burning the bottoms off my feet
Ive read all of the top picks and the lists upon lists. Here are a few of my favorites (I think?) yes, I know a bit eclectic of a list!

Cabo Rico
Hinckley Bermuda

just had the idea if I tried to give some personal specifications maybe id get a majority of votes for one, a few reasons or questions I have yet to ask myself or a few other models I hadn’t thought about….. Cheers!
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...about finding not THE but MY "perfect boat".
Good that you understand that.

• I have been told at least one bathroom with a dedicated shower(separate room from the head/sink)
This will DRASTICALLY reduce the boats that qualify. A separate shower is relatively rare on boats in your size range. You can probably find at least 10 different boat models without this for every one that has it.

I would ask if this is really an absolute "must have." Maybe you should charter a boat that has a combined head/shower and see if you really cannot live with that arrangement.

A good place to find a lot of particulars on a lot of different boats is You can start looking through various boats there, and compare the layouts, as well as almost all of the basic design parameters.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 68 Posts
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