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yes another help me find the perfect boat....

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so I have read several books and countless blogs and articles on the internet searching for the elusive "perfect boat". what I have gathered is, buying a boat is about finding not THE but MY "perfect boat". Ill be looking to buy in June I think (im planning my mid life crisis in my early 30’s because im impatient)
let me answer a few questions I see yall commonly ask when one of these posts go up.
• my intentions to circumnavigate in 2016-2017
• my budget for the boat/gear/journey/supplies/fuel etc. every penny I have to spend on this adventure is 160K
• I need a boat that the two of us can sail so im thinking in the 38-48 foot range. I understand that most boats this size if set up and handled correctly are safe so for lack of a better word I want a boat that is comfortable in seas. one we can cross 2 oceans in and we will still be a couple afterwards.
• age is not nearly as concerning to me as condition. although id prefer not to look at anything much before 1980.
• Speed is fun but im not looking to race, im looking to cruise so in the speed department ill take what I can get but its low on my list of wants.
• I have been told at least one bathroom with a dedicated shower(separate room from the head/sink)
• I am open to a fixer upper as well as a turnkey however my time to work on it will be a total of around 35 full days so even a fixer upper for a good deal I will probably have to contract out most of the work.
• I don’t like a pilothouse. Prefer aft cockpit.
• I prefer a deck material I can run around barefoot without burning the bottoms off my feet
Ive read all of the top picks and the lists upon lists. Here are a few of my favorites (I think?) yes, I know a bit eclectic of a list!

Cabo Rico
Hinckley Bermuda

just had the idea if I tried to give some personal specifications maybe id get a majority of votes for one, a few reasons or questions I have yet to ask myself or a few other models I hadn’t thought about….. Cheers!
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At first glance I would say you are undercapitalized by a factor 2-3. What is your intended route? Via the great capes or the coconut run? Why only hold your relationship together for only two ocean crossings? Why not for the entire trip? Given your entire budget, a separate shower stall is academic as you most likely won’t have the fresh water to spare for showering anyways. Where are planning to start out from? Cali? We might be bumping into each other either in Mexico or Tahiti. You may also want to consider a Nordic 40 (or 44), J40, Sabre 409/42 or the Farr designed Beneteau 40.7.
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I think that most boats in your 38-40 foot range are sold through brokers. Brokers work for the seller and if the seller sells the boat privately while still under contract then the broker still gets paid his commission. If you employ a “buyers” broker then he will split the seller’s commission (think of it as a finders fee). Brokers will also handle escrow, taxes, documentation etc. Kind of nice not getting the nasty surprise that there is a lien that you have pay off when you document. Be wary of boats of your class on Craig’s List, Ebay, marina bulletin boards. Often they are brokerage rejects, tend to be over priced or have some other “issue”. I think of these more as project boats. But of course, you may get lucky and find the “rose amongst the thorns”. But be wary as there are many more thorns than roses out there.

So, I’m 16 months away from my personal start line and I already own a “turnkey” boat. Here is my final punch list:

Replace standing rigging (I’m planning on pulling the mast and work some mods while I’m at it.)
Viking emergency life raft
Solar panel upgrade
Pull and inspect rudder & steering gear (and paint bottom during that “last” haul-out)
Replace the PVC dink with a Hypalon one
Misc Stainless Steel mods
Misc cabin mods (lighting, ventilation, lee cloths)
Fold-up Bimini
And a bunch of “minor” stuff

I would love to do all of this for under $10k, but for planning purposes, I’m doubling my budget. The point is this stuff is expensive and putting in 30 thousand miles plus going around the world is going to beat up a boat pretty bad so proper preparation is key.

Don’t sweat the pregnancy thing too much. Good friends of ours found themselves in a family way while crossing the Pacific. Jane had the baby in New Zealand the they returned to SF. They said it was a lot easier before RJ started crawling as he would stay where they put him.

I’m a New Balance man myself, but my recommendation is to find a comfortable pair of running shoes.
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Negotiated, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying abandon all your dreams, move to Montana and take up sheep ranching... You merely need to do your homework. How many “frogs” have you kissed so far in the search for your princess? Half a dozen? How many have you seen in person v. a telecom or email? Remember, the broker works for the seller. You just have to call him up on the phone. Think of it from the broker's perspective. How much time is he going to invest in some anonymous phone call or email vs. meeting someone in person? I come from a slightly different perspective as several of my close friends are brokers or owners of brokerages. If you were in Cali, I could put you in touch with an excellent buyer’s broker. Perhaps someone on the Gulf coast can recommend a good broker to mentor Negotiated through the process. What you need to do is get out there and start looking at a lot of boats. Learn what is out there in the Gulf Coast. Educate yourself on what to look for and what to look out for. Feel free to post links to any potential boats (as you might have gathered, this BB loves to kibitz.) I also know a good cruising consultant who can mentor you through the process but he is a fee for service guy whereas you're getting my advice for free.:)

Something you might want to consider is instead of the circumnavigating thing, go do the Caribbean for a year or more. You won’t need quite the bomb proof boat and your budget becomes much more realistic. The little green bits of land that are surrounded by water are much more interesting than the endless days of nothing but sky and water. Don’t get me wrong – I live for ocean sailing. MrsB on the other hand, tried it, bought the T-shirt and would much rather fly out and meet me there in the future.
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