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"Every minute you spend wishing you did something is a minute you spend not doing it." ~Chris DiCroce

Hey everyone! I wanted to just let you know about our new book, You Gotta Go To Know (released last month on Amazon, for Kindle). It's a story of how we came to the decision to leave land life for a life aboard a boat, and how we made it work without being retired or wealthy. It's not just a sailing story - it's an inspirational story of going after your dreams. Below is the synopsis from Amazon, along with a few reviews. I think a lot of you might like it. Whether or not you want to go cruising, I think it will appeal to any of you who might just be tired of the rat race and seeking a change in your lives.

You can check it out here: You Gotta Go To Know

And you don't have to have a Kindle to download it - you can download a free reader here: DOWNLOAD FREE READER

Thanks for letting me post!



This is the real life story about a leap of faith. It's a story of hope, loss and resolve. Wanting more from the life they were living, during one of the worst economic periods in American history, a couple decides to quit their jobs and sell everything they own to move onto a sailboat with dreams of oceans, adventure and travel. They chronicle their attempt to break away from the conventional in search of the exceptional. In the process they discovered that their greatest triumphs often came from their greatest challenges. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams fell prey to their bologna sandwich and High Life budget. Breakdowns, tropical depressions and over-extended bank accounts brought them face to face with the reality that things don't always go as planned, but sometimes… that's the best plan.

Part sailing adventure, part Vision Quest, You Gotta Go To Know is for anyone who's ever had a dream that balanced precariously on a fine wire between absolutely irresponsible and downright crazy.


"This isn't so much a book about a sailing life as it is a book about being true to yourself, following your dreams and what creates/inspires/goads you to find the courage it takes to do that."

"As talented a songwriter as Chris DiCroce is, it's no surprise that his first published foray into longer form prose is so well written. "

"When you read this book, do you get the feeling that it's going to be quietly popular, be brought up by all kinds of people in many conversations about following your dreams? Ya, I think it just might."

"It nudges your emotions and is not just filed away…"

"I began this book and found that I cannot put it down!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! Wow. Chris is a talented and gifted writer. I appreciate the honesty and humor that he so clearly conveys as we readers shuffle through the pages. I found this to be an incredible book that is so inspiring, particularly at this stage of my life."

"It's a story about life and living and doing it on your own terms. Loved it!!!!"

"You don't have to be a sailor to draw courage from this book to embark upon your own path, no matter how crazy it might seem."
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