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Mark--The next time you need to clean the sediment bowl, the easiest method is to use a pressurized can of WD-40 with the long plastic straw attached. With the filter element removed from the filter canister, the WD-40 straw can be inserted through the vanes of the vortex generator. A few blasts of the WD-40 at several different positions will dislodge the debris that will collect at the bottom of the bowl. A splash of diesel will wash it out nicely. It may take a few "cycles" to completely clean the bowl but the process does work quite nicely. On our boat I have a plastic tube connected the the "drain" spout on the underside of the sediment bowl. By connecting this to a small bronze hand pump I am easily able to suction out the debris in the sediment bowl. The small amount of WD-40 that remains in the bowl easily mixes with the fuel and creates no problems.

About the only thing WD-40 is really good at is cleaning. It will take off adhesive goo, and black marks off of fiberglass too. Just be sure to clean it off afterwards.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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