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New owner of a Parker Dawson 26 Ketch

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Hello All!

I have wanted a PD 26 since I was a kid in the 70s, always thought they seemed like a particularly cool little boat capable of taking one out on any adventure one manages to squeeze into ones life.

A tidge about myself:

Name: Allan, I'll let you figure out my last name, it's pretty obvious.
Age: 45 now...
Location: Kansas City

Lived on a wooden Chris Craft for a short time during college. Learned to hate wooden boats, revile through hulls and particularly dislike seawater on my bunk

Did long distance backpacking for several years after college Appalachian Trail 1 1/2 times, Pacific Crest Trail once, started on the Continental Divide but stopped by and injury in New Mexico after only 300 miles.

Got a real job working for the man every night and day then took on running a 24 hour a day, 9 day long reenactment event with a friend of mine that ran once per year for the last 8 years or so. That kept me busy as a bee with project after project ranging from rebuilding trucks to repairing vintage radio equipment.

Now coming back around to boating after years away.
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Audio equipment Bicycle part Font Gas Motor vehicle
Stainless Steel Swageless Jaw need to be replaced, that is part of the mast rigging system.
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SitkaSlowPoke, hello I saw your boat for sale on a website called shoppok and I am curious if it is truly for sale? I have never heard of this website but I tried to send a message. I even called the Tenakee Springs city office inquiring if they knew of your boat. If it is indeed for sale I would love to chat with you.
161 - 165 of 165 Posts
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